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Secrets of the Mount Vernon Culture

Showing September 19 through October 14, 2016
Russell Day Gallery at the Everett Community College

"Secrets of the Mount Vernon Culture" asks - at least I think it does - what if Mount Vernon were the center of all cultural and intellectual thought for the ages, long ago, until a glacier came along and buried everything?

"I guess I'm sort of caught up in the edge between knowledge and non-knowledge," Gunter said the other day. "That's where all the action is." And that's where good pataphysicians do their work.
- Peter Kelly, Skagit Valley Herald, October 28, 2001

The Mount Vernon Culture Documentary

You may watch the entire documentary below. It’s lots of fun with the Seattle historian, Paul Dorpat, Russell Johnson—the Professor from “Gilligan's Island”— in his last professional performance, legendary avant garde’ filmmaker, Buce Baillie in a number of roles, and never been seen before actual footage of female decedents of an ancient civilization still playing hockey naked on a remote mile-high glacier deep in the North Cascades. 60 min.

Noah on Mount Baker

Noah’s ark, according to Jack Gunter, landed on the side of Mt. Baker. The documentary clip that proves it can be seen on:

Who is Clovis?

Watch “Clovis,” a 12 minute film with Jack Gunter interpreting the origins of human culture with film clips of the glass genius, William Morris, and a Library of Congress copy of “Primitive Man,” by DW Griffith. It explains everything.

Installation Flash Real

If you would like to see a flash reel of feedback from visitors to the 2000 Bumbershoot exhibit filmed by Paul Dorpat with comments from Eric Scigliano go to:

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