Fluorescent 3-d Seattle underground tour

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Uber 3-d active futuristic view of the famous Seattle underground tour.

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Fluorescent 3-d Seattle underground tour

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 48 in

In daylight, and especially under blacklight from a 10 Watt colored CFL bulb this future view extends the current 1890’s storefronts on First Avenue by sixty stories higher in crazy good 3-d when viewed through clear lensed Chromadepth glasses in the dark.

The painted title on the hand crated word frame reads:

“A view of Seattle’s Pioneer Square in the not too distant future including the sturdy species–Sus Essex Avaitrix and the recently nomadic species–Homo sapiens californius (many claiming to be survivors of the great 1989 san Francisco earthquake) revealed in a cutaway section,”

Once again, a painting executed 27 years ago has an echo of the homeless situation of the present day.