Fluorescent Seattle Tunnels

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An ultra 3-d glow in the dark painting.

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Fluorescent Seattle Tunnels

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 60 in

As a future ice age topples Seattle, savvy real estate salesmen continue to sell land to California buyers as the complex underground transportation system hums with activity below the streets.

In daylight, and especially under the glow of a colored CFL lightbulbs that fit in traditional track lighting, this scene jumps into crazy 3-d in the dark when viewed with readily available chromadepth clear lensed glasses.

Considering the current state of the Seattle tunnel project this fifiteen year old painting is remarkably relavent.

Hand painted and handmade word frame by the artist. The title painted on the word frame reads:

“A rare glimpse of the leading southern edge of the rapidly advancing polar ice cap as it briefly meets a sturdy group of earthquake-resistant structures…….Observed by an equally sturdy group of real estate agents and their persistent clients at the icy corner of First Avenus and Yesler Way.”