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I've been buying extraordinary objects for 40 years. Five novels have emerged from my obsession with 20th century's rare designs. Some of my collection is for sale.

Pay attention.

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OC White lab light1

OC White lab desk light from old high school. original grey finish and enamel metal shade. 15”h x 12” long x 5” diameter base.


OC White

OC White lab desk light from old high school. original grey finish and vented plastic shade with aluminum interior reflector.. 15”h x 12” long x 5” diameter base


arts & crafts task lamp

Arts and crafts oak table task adjustable lamp. 17”h x 6”d. rewired. works fine


Brass swing arm light

Solid brass two arm swing lamp with original reflector metal shade. 24” extended. 5”h x 4”w.


faries sconce1

Rare Faries Lamp Co. double knuckle over painting lamp. Beautiful original shiny brass finish. Original brass parabola signed “Faries.” 19”l x 7” diameter


constructivist desk lamp

sweet mid century constructivist red and black desk lamp. Slight squishing to parabola shade. 14” h x 19”l x 6”diameter. works well


Austrian lamp

Stunning brass secessionist desk lamp. green bronze finish. 9’ high 7” wide. 5”deep.Marked “Austria” on bottom by the firm M.Szab BEJ. rewired. fun tiltable shade.


Tiffany style desk light

Adjustable desk lamp with the gold dore finish used by Tiffany. needs rewire and something to mount it to. A beautiful, high quality lamp project.. 12”h x 8.5”w x 5” deep.


Faries type student lampSOLD

Early Faries Co type brass desk lamp with original bear paw cased green Emeralite shade. 15”h x 5.5” base. new rewire.


Faries Co. over painting sconce

Ultra rare Faries Co. adjustable user picture lamp. Solid brass in old patinaed finish. Signed. Rewired. Works fine.


OC White task lamp4

OC White task light signed with unusual foil label. Complete with mercury reflector shade. 36” long, adjusts to 50” Rewired. Works


OC White5

OC White task light signed on arm. Needs rewire. adjustable length and height.


IP Frink bankers lamp tall

IP Frink Co. signed tall banker’s lamp. Bronze. Signed. no mirrors. 26” h x 18” w x5.5” deep. original weathered finish. needs rewire..


Faries lamp SOLD

Brass Faries Co. extra heavy question mark industrial table lamp. Original brass parabola. works. 23” by 27” adjustable height. 6” shade.


Emeralite "Eye' over painting light

Emeralite over painting sconce with movable “Eye” cylinder. Nicely signed over original finish. Super rare.


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