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I've been buying extraordinary objects for 40 years. Five novels have emerged from my obsession with 20th century's rare designs. Some of my collection is for sale.

Pay attention.

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IP Frink bankers lamp tall

IP Frink Co. signed tall banker’s lamp. Bronze. Signed. no mirrors. 26” h x 18” w x5.5” deep. original weathered finish. needs rewire..


Holophane fixture with under shades

Hanging holophane four light fixture with original pagoda ruffled shades underneath top shade. Amazing lamp. Spectacular when lit. 19” shade diameter. 20” drop length. The ruffled shades are replacements but original vintage holophanes. Crack in the holophane eyeball under shade but it is intact. wonderful original sockets with special spring mount fitter rings.


Handel leaded lamp

Signed Handel three socket table lamp with original leaded shade shown in the Handel book. two minor heat cracks in glass. Rewired. Signed on base. 25.5” high.


Fraries bookshelf lamp

Signed Faries Co bookshelf down light. What a perfect original Japanned copper finish! Great working condition with original lamp cord. Signed on base. Heavy marble support bottom.. 17L x 5”h x 11”wide.


frankl D Chair SOLD

d chair paul frankel 27" High x 24.5" Wide x 31" Deep. Early original from a 1928 design. black lacquer with usage wear.


Frank Lloyd Wright bed

From the Walter Rudin Residence in Wisconsin, 1959, purchased personally from the second owner. 78" x 78' x 15". Mahogany plywood. Free shipping in US.


Faries type student lampSOLD

Early Faries Co type brass desk lamp with original bear paw cased green Emeralite shade. 15”h x 5.5” base. new rewire.


Faries type floor lamp

Solid brass Faries type floor lamp with cased green glass bell shade. 57”h x 17” d x9’ wide. Replaced thumb screw shaft adjustor. original weathered brass with green discoloration on base.


faries sconce1

Rare Faries Lamp Co. double knuckle over painting lamp. Beautiful original shiny brass finish. Original brass parabola signed “Faries.” 19”l x 7” diameter


Faries mini clamp lightSOLD

Rare, rare, rare, Faries Lamp Co. clamp on “Mini”. Only seen in vintage ads. I believe that none of this model has come up for sale in many years. A wonderful plunger mechanism opens the base to clamp on a table or shelf edge. Original brass signed Faries parabola with neat clamp design. 9” h x 11” long x 6.5” shade. rewired. $950.00. Go find one.


Faries lamp SOLD

Brass Faries Co. extra heavy question mark industrial table lamp. Original brass parabola. works. 23” by 27” adjustable height. 6” shade.


Faries Co. over painting sconce

Ultra rare Faries Co. adjustable user picture lamp. Solid brass in old patinaed finish. Signed. Rewired. Works fine.


Emeralite jeweler's showcase black cased lamp

Signed, super rare Emeralite black cased glass jewel’s showcase lamp.16”h 11.5” diameter. Perfect original finish. great original wiring. Signed cased black dome. Signed blue frosted glass bottom diffuser. Case black Emeralite lamps are rare. This model directs light down through the glass top of a showcase. Perfect glass. Original turn switch.


emeralite drop fixture

Ultra cool hanging industrial lamp with original Emeralite cased green glass dome. 39” drop. 8” diameter. sweet original in line pull chain mechanism and wonderful brass shade holder. Original old faded green paint. Solid brass throughout.


Emeralite "Eye' over painting light

Emeralite over painting sconce with movable “Eye” cylinder. Nicely signed over original finish. Super rare.


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