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I've been buying extraordinary objects for 40 years. Five novels have emerged from my obsession with 20th century's rare designs. Some of my collection is for sale.

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Emeralite jeweler's showcase black cased lamp

Signed, super rare Emeralite black cased glass jewel’s showcase lamp.16”h 11.5” diameter. Perfect original finish. great original wiring. Signed cased black dome. Signed blue frosted glass bottom diffuser. Case black Emeralite lamps are rare. This model directs light down through the glass top of a showcase. Perfect glass. Original turn switch.


20" diffuser with six socket Benjamin clusterSOLD

Twenty inch diameter industrial hanging lamp. All brass hardware. Complete with rarest of rare Benjamin six socket cluster. Professional rewired. 20” diameter. 22” drop from ceiling.


multi socket diffuser drop

Never before seen eight socket cluster with opal glass diffuser. This is an assembled fixture from two original vintage lamps. The solid brass cluster has seven sockets and an additional bottom socket with a 2 1/4” fitter. Needs a rewire but works. 37” drop. 16” diameter opal glass diffuser. 7” diameter secondary shade


dirk van erp candleholder

Never before seen Dirk van Erp candle holder in the cobra style. 1920’s to 1930’s. prefect original finish. 5”h x 6 1/4 “ deep. Signed on bottom.


cased green super-fixture1SOLD

Ultra rare cased green glass barn light with four green secondary under shades. I speculated for twenty years if there was a cased green glass flat shade that had the shape of tin service station industrial reflectors, and here it is. 17”w main shade.40” drop. all brass with original old white paint. Rare understructure including cased green glass “eye’ as a spacer. All glass perfect. Includes a drop down push button on/off switch. Needs rewire.


cased green super fixture2

Cased green green glass hanging four light fixture. Totally original, including Emeralite “eye” separator under the main shade and original hardware including acorn pull chain built in. 17”w cased green glass reflector. All original from ceiling to pull chjan. Brass. Rarer than hen’s teeth.


SOLD Nickel plated brass three light fixture with mirror shades

Never before seen nickel plated brass three light ceiling fixture. Complete with three super hard to find 1880’s flat mirrored reflectors from a NH woolen mill. Professional rewire. Fantastic fixture.28” drop. 24” wide. 6’diameter shades.


Early Wheeler Co hanging lightSOLD

Early electric Wheeler Lamp Co ceiling drop. Embossed cast iron signature. Fun dual insulator Frankenstein-type electrical connectors. When this is rewired I’d suggest coiled individual wire connected to two vintage porcelain ceiling caps. 14” diameter unusual torus shaped white glass diffuser, 52” drop. Four socket Benjamin cluster. A spectacular lamp from the earliest years of the Wheeler Lamp Company.


Six socket fixture Holophane

All original holophane glass hanging lamp from upstate NY hardware store. Completely pure as found on the ceiling, including original six socket Benjamin cluster.. 32” drop. 15.5” shade diameter. Works great.


Holophane fixture with under shades

Hanging holophane four light fixture with original pagoda ruffled shades underneath top shade. Amazing lamp. Spectacular when lit. 19” shade diameter. 20” drop length. The ruffled shades are replacements but original vintage holophanes. Crack in the holophane eyeball under shade but it is intact. wonderful original sockets with special spring mount fitter rings.


Handel leaded lamp

Signed Handel three socket table lamp with original leaded shade shown in the Handel book. two minor heat cracks in glass. Rewired. Signed on base. 25.5” high.


OC White double arm floor lamp

Rare, exceptional OC White dual arm floor lamp. Very rare signed cast iron base.. Crouse/Hinds junction box on the riser. 60”h x 12”base diameter. First arm is 29”long. Original sockets. Second arm is 18”long.Vintage cased green bear paw shades


light bulb stand

Edison Mazda light bulb display stand. Super rare; perhaps only example known. Canadian patent. A double spinable lazy Susan mechanism lights one bulb at a time using a clever interior cam mechanism.Able to demonstrate eight different lamp filaments with a bulb on top that is always lit. Signed with a sweet brass plaque on original dark finish. Brass arms. Includes a “press-in” light bulb tester on the base. Original heavy wiring intact. Works just fine, but needs cam adjustments inside. 25”h x 14” diameter.


Westinghouse Mazda lighted trade sign

Westinghouse Mazda lamp hanging trade sign for Sauers Electric Co. Illuminated in both sections. Original weathered glass panels. One side perfect; the other side with repaired crack. Works fine. 25”h x 20”w x 6”deep. I’ve never seen another one like it. Hangs from metal chain.


Metal dental cabinetSOLD

57" High x 29" Wide x 16" Deep . Aseptic Dental Cabinet, signed. ..Possibly military in origin. Original paint. Minor surface rust


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