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I've been buying extraordinary objects for 40 years. Five novels have emerged from my obsession with 20th century's rare designs. Some of my collection is for sale.

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Handel leaded lamp

Signed Handel three socket table lamp with original leaded shade shown in the Handel book. two minor heat cracks in glass. Rewired. Signed on base. 25.5” high.


machine age desk lamp pairSOLD

Pair of 1940’s industrial desk lamps in hammered green finish and Lucite diffusers. second plug fitting on back of each base. Beautiful form. 17”h x 20” wide x 5”deep. original industrial heavy three pronged cord.


IP Frink short bankers lamp

IP Frink Co. signed short banker’s lamp. Bronze. Signed. no mirrors. 10” h x 18” w x5.5” deep. original bronze turn switch. works fine.


IP Frink bankers lamp tall

IP Frink Co. signed tall banker’s lamp. Bronze. Signed. no mirrors. 26” h x 18” w x5.5” deep. original weathered finish. needs rewire..


dirk van erp candleholder

Never before seen Dirk van Erp candle holder in the cobra style. 1920’s to 1930’s. prefect original finish. 5”h x 6 1/4 “ deep. Signed on bottom.


Leaded glass table lamp

Leaded table lamp. Great turn of the century leaded table lamp with perfect leaded shade. No cracks or damage. slight cosmetic imperfections on base. 20”h x 16” diameter. works great.


constructivist desk lamp

sweet mid century constructivist red and black desk lamp. Slight squishing to parabola shade. 14” h x 19”l x 6”diameter. works well


Operay multibeam surgical lamp

Operay multibeam surgical lamp. 1930’s. Aluminum and mirrors. This is the holy grail of 20th century industrial lighting. Two rare versions of this lamp exist. This one is by far the coolest machine age lamp on the planet.. Light from a single every day lightbulb gets focused onto six fixed mirrors which send a single concentrated glow below them. In medicine, it was a method of removing shadows from the surgical field. Works perfectly. Ready to hang over a table in an industrial loft, or a BED!!!, or to light up a special object. 48” from mirror to mirror. 60” drop.


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