Premiere collection of Jack Gunter innovative art

Pemiere collection of Jack Gunter innovative art

As a scientist, Jack Gunter used art to enhance his research.

As a fine artist he occasionally incorporates science to enhance his artworks.

This collection is the artist and scientist working together. Examples of this innovative approach to fine art are rare and represent a merging of all his skills.

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phosphorescent market scene

one of a kind full color glow in the dark painting of Pike Place Market



Once a working ant farm, this egg tempera painting was partially painted with honey for the ants to eat as they built their burrows. The ants are no longer included.


phosphorescent magnet sunken ship

Glow in the dark, full color super phosphorescent painting on steel with adjustable magnet fish. Also turns into a hologram with 3d glasses.


Phosphorescent earth from the moon

Glow in the dark view from the moon into space with magnets.


Magnet bank robbery

Painted on steel with magnet objects.


Fluorescent Seattle Tunnels

An ultra 3-d glow in the dark painting.


Fluorescent 3-d Seattle underground tour

Uber 3-d active futuristic view of the famous Seattle underground tour.