Fluorescent 3-d Seattle underground tour Uber 3-d active futuristic view of the famous Seattle underground tour... Product #: underground Regular price: $8,500.00 $8,500.00 1

Fluorescent 3-d Seattle underground tour

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In daylight, and especially under blacklight from a 10 Watt colored CFL bulb this future view extends the current 1890's storefronts on First Avenue by sixty stories higher in crazy good 3-d when viewed through clear lensed Chromadepth glasses in the dark.

The painted title on the hand crated word frame reads:

"A view of Seattle's Pioneer Square in the not too distant future including the sturdy species--Sus Essex Avaitrix and the recently nomadic species--Homo sapiens californius (many claiming to be survivors of the great 1989 san Francisco earthquake) revealed in a cutaway section,"

Once again, a painting executed 27 years ago has an echo of the homeless situation of the present day.